Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Wholly War

For a "religion of peace" Islam has the most heavily armed "holy sites" on Earth. Mosques bristling with arms, snipers nests in minarets. It seems "holy" is interchangeable with "heavily armed and dangerous" in the Islamic lexicon. Why the paranoia? All of these so-called "holy" sites are in the very heart of the Middle East. The Islamic faith has not been so much as questioned in the Middle East for centuries. Of course, this lack of questioning is part of the problem. Sure there's that"“Zionist Entity" on the bank of the Dead Sea that seems to cause them untold consternation' but Israel has never been aggressive toward Islamic states. Fiercely defensive, but never aggressive.

The reason for the paranoia and the armories that masquerade as places of worship is the fact that violence is so deeply rooted in the Islamic faith that the violence and the belief system are indistinguishable. Islam is a religion that is hurtling over a cliff and it is determined to take us with it.

As is always the case, Islamic clerics either remain silent or they inflame the bloodlust.

Now we are involved in another grisly battle for a "holy city" by the name of Najaf. As is always the case, the mosques are veritable bunkers and the zealous adherents of "the religion of peace" are killing and dying in the name of Allah.

Step back. See Islam for what it is.