Saturday, April 24, 2004

The Next Generation of Death Cultists

The Islamic worship of death seems to have no bounds or even a trace basic moral rectitude. Much like American children collecting baseball cards or Happy Meal trinkets, Palestinian children collect "Intifada Cards."

Outside a corner store in Nablus, about a dozen lively, excited, young kids are collecting cards to paste into an album, as kids do in many parts of the world. But these cards are different.

"This is a woman whose child was killed," an 8-year-old child explains gravely.

"This is a boy who was shot when he threw stones at a tank," he goes on.

"This is a 'shaheed,' a martyr," says another boy of about the same age, pointing to a picture of an open coffin, draped in the Palestinian flag, being carried through a street crowded with mourners.

"These are all pictures about the misery of the Palestinians," he adds, showing off a whole album of photos of death and destruction.

This is not behavior that is just picked up, it is behavior that is purposely being taught to these children. It goes on:

Another image, of a little boy dressed up as a suicide bomber, they have seen in regular marches by the extremist groups, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad, when whole companies of masked young men parade in public with dummy bombs strapped to their waist.

How in the world can any civilized person justify this? Stories like this underscore my view that the Islamic world is no longer content to live in the 17th century so they have embarked on a relentless march backward. They continue to shed the binding constraints of civilization in the hope that they will soon enjoy the liberating joys of total barbarism. So, you say that Islam is just another theology? I think not.