Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh, What Fools These Mortals Be…..

Obama and the Democrats are treating the American public as exactly what they’ve become; one dimensionally thinking children with limited attention spans -- the electorate has appropriately rewarded them. We have staggering economic woes, foreign policy blunders galore and yet, we discussed crap like “the war on women” and Romney’s income through much of the campaign…now, we’re (reluctantly) beginning to discuss these issues and the bleating, quivering, over-gorged and under-informed masses, better known as the American people nod in agreement like the mindless bobble heads they have become.

Republicans tend to infer some sort of responsibility among the populace and try to impart some sort of useful information regarding our impending demise and the bobble heads are unimpressed, unmoved and, for all appearances, utterly confused.

We’ve assumed minimal maturity and a modicum of common sense in our message and, for all the intellectual impact we had, we might as well have been giving a dissertation on quantum mechanics…..at least then, they could have, maybe, related to Star Trek.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunroom Christmas Tree

A rather interesting effect with the glass ceiling and all of the windows.  I think it'll look even cooler with ornaments.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Republicans Aren't the Problem, Your Neighbors Are

What Americans must understand is that the Democrats don’t simply want to defeat Republicans, they want to kill and bury us as a party then salt the Earth where we once thrived…and they won’t rest until that has been accomplished. They will lie, cheat, steal and have no qualms against permanently slandering a good man’s reputation, as we saw in this cycle, to get what they want. We’ve had nasty politics in this country since our founding, but instantaneous modern communication, the inherent vulnerability of electronic voting systems and “data mining”, which the Obama campaign almost pioneered, and definitely perfected (to the delight of Democrats, everywhere), “nasty” has been raised to a level heretofore unknown.
This isn’t about simple mudslinging, it’s about permanent scarlet letters tattooed upon the foreheads of anyone who dares to oppose them. There are those who advocate our descent into the muck and matching them handful for handful, but I’m not convinced that’d work, even if I could convince myself to support a candidate who could excel at such woeful behavior. The Obama campaign ran one of the most vile, negative campaigns in memory, then had the temerity to tag Romney’s campaign as negative….and it stuck!
We can talk all we want about the “messiah” schtick, and it’s absolutely pivotal, but we must talk about how he was able to sell that schtick in the first place as well as the gullibility and low self-esteem of the majority of voters that bought it two cycles in a row.
This isn’t a problem so much with Republicans as it is with the American electorate. Yeah, we’ve had some real duds, but the Democrats haven’t exactly been producing stellar examples of statesmanship either (Elizabeth Warren? Really?). Hell, Obama himself is an urban myth (and yes, I meant that just the way it sounds), wrapped around a set of grievances and sold as a savior -- and people not only bought it, they practical pee on themselves in his presence!
We’re definitely in “Brave New World” territory here -- with the country in shambles, demonstrably worse than when he took over, no president should have been reelected. Again, ascribing this phenomenon to the messiah schtick is only half of the problem, even “messiahs” need loyal followers and in this case, they’re the real issue.