Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Whither Pope Francis Regarding the Atrocities on Christians in Egypt?

I've come to expect President Obama's foreign policy to oscillate between inept and wrong-headed and his handling of the deteriorating situation in Egypt is alas, predictable.  His public silence as the Muslim Brotherhood wages war on the Copts, Catholics and every other Christian in Egypt, while unacceptable, seems tragically predictable.

What has been surprising is the lack of outrage from Pope Francis.  Yes, he has fittingly called for our prayers, but I think what's happening to Christians in Egypt calls for a personal and forceful denunciation from the Pope. I don't have any illusions that the Muslim Brotherhood would cease and desist, but the Pope has a unique bully pulpit. When Benedict publicly rebuked the Obama administration on the subject of abortion and ObamaCare Christians and virtually ALL people of faith rallied behind him

Ostensibly, he's the leader of worldwide Christianity and when he talks, people listen and his unequivocal condemnation would virtually force (or shame) Obama and the West to publicly address the atrocities. Perhaps it wouldn't help, but it would be more productive than the current deafening silence.

This is being called the worst assault on Christianity since the Middle Ages and history is watching.  If we cannot trust the Vicar of Christ to call out evil by its name, who can we trust?