Thursday, October 18, 2007


"Al-Qaeda proclaimed a religious rationale to justify the WMD attacks it was planning. In June 2002, a Kuwaiti-born cleric named Suleiman Abu Ghaith posted a statement on the Internet saying that "al-Qaeda has the right to kill 4 million Americans" in retaliation for U.S. attacks against Muslims. And in May 2003, at the same time Saudi operatives of al-Qaeda were trying to buy three Russian nuclear bombs, a cleric named Nasir al-Fahd issued a fatwa titled "A Treatise on the Legal Status of Using Weapons of Mass Destruction Against Infidels." Interrogations of al-Qaeda operatives confirmed that the planning was serious. Al-Qaeda didn't yet have the materials for a WMD attack, but it wanted them.

Most chilling of all was Zawahiri's decision in March 2003 to cancel a cyanide attack in the New York subway system. He told the plotters to stand down because "we have something better in mind." What did that mean? More than four years later, we still don't know.

After 2004, the WMD trail went cold, according to Mowatt-Larssen. Many intelligence analysts have concluded that al-Qaeda doesn't have nuclear capability today. Mowatt-Larssen argues that a more honest answer is: We don't know."

Do read the whole thing. All of the signs have pointed to this and as time goes by, the signs become more pronounced - those with the means are making alliances with those with the motive and this country is in the cross-hairs.

You need to ask yourself who you want in charge as we approach the dark days ahead. I'll vote for the candidate who will kill Muslim terrorists - as many and as quickly as possible.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I keep hearing "And your little dog, too............" followed by that hideous Hillary laugh.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Man arrested for airport al-Qaida joke

BOSTON, Oct. 1 (UPI) -- A Washington taxi driver faces a criminal charge because he joked about being a member of al-Qaida to an airline worker in Boston.

Ermiyaf A. Asfaw, an Ethiopian national, was returning to Washington from a visit to his girlfriend Saturday when an Air-Tran check-in employee asked him about stickers on his luggage from Dubai. He told her he had been in the
United Arab Emirates.

"No. I'm al-Qaida. I'm with them, and I'm here to blow things up," he said when she asked if it had been a trip for business or pleasure.

Asfaw has been charged with making a false bomb threat. A judge set bail Monday at $1,500.

"This airport is not going to tolerate this type of behavior," said Phil Orlandella, a spokesman for the
Massachusetts Port Authority. "This type of action is completely dumb."

Well, I guess the authorities didn't find the joke very funny. Frankly, neither do I. I think that a good punishment would be to permanantly deport his humorous Ethiopian ass.

We already have enough people in this country already that think that 9-11 was a joke.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Burma: Thousands dead in massacre of the monks dumped in the jungle

Where is the international outrage? When is the worthless UN going to do something other than issue worthless platitudes.....and have they even done that?

There's a lot of talk of peace these days on the part of the left, but when Buddhist monks, some of the most peaceful people on Earth, are being slaughtered by the hundreds and citizens by the thousands there's nothing but silence. There's a lot of talk about the "global village", but when there's an opportunity to really DO something to save innocent lives, there is nothing but paralysis.

It's still another clear example of hypocrisy in its most pathetic form.
Iraq violent death rates 'plunge'

Isn't his good news and why is it not being heralded as such? Oh yeah, the template is that we've already lost......
Poll: Most Israelis support using nukes

Approximately 72 percent of Israelis support the use of nuclear weapons in certain circumstances, according to a Canadian survey released recently.

The survey - conducted jointly at the end of July by the Simons Foundation and Angus Reid Strategies - was answered by adults in six countries and showed that 37% of Israelis believed the use of nuclear weapons to prevent a war would be justified, while 35% believed the weapons could be justifiably used during a war.

In addition, the survey found that
Israel had the lowest public support for
destroying nuclear weapons out of all the countries questioned.

Israel also had the highest percentage in favor of the country using its "power and influence in a way that serves its own interests" - approximately 55% - as opposed to "coordinat[ing] with other countries to do what's best for the world as a whole."

Nearly 72% also agreed that "nuclear weapons place Israel in a unique position, so it is not in our interest to participate in treaties that would reduce or eliminate our purported nuclear arsenal."

About three-quarters of Israelis also said they would feel safer if they knew for certain that Israel had nuclear weapons. Israel has thus far maintained its policy of nuclear ambiguity.

The organizers of the study suggested that Israel accorded greater importance to the nuclear form of defense due to the Iranian threat, Army Radio reported.

The study spanned a sample of 1,000 adults in Britain,
France, Italy, Germany and the US along with

A refeshing moment of clarity from the Israelis, while in this country we invite the Iranian madman to speak at a major university and many on the American left laud him and dine with him. I fear a great price will be paid for our refusal to see the obvious and to call evil by its name.