Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh, What Fools These Mortals Be…..

Obama and the Democrats are treating the American public as exactly what they’ve become; one dimensionally thinking children with limited attention spans -- the electorate has appropriately rewarded them. We have staggering economic woes, foreign policy blunders galore and yet, we discussed crap like “the war on women” and Romney’s income through much of the campaign…now, we’re (reluctantly) beginning to discuss these issues and the bleating, quivering, over-gorged and under-informed masses, better known as the American people nod in agreement like the mindless bobble heads they have become.

Republicans tend to infer some sort of responsibility among the populace and try to impart some sort of useful information regarding our impending demise and the bobble heads are unimpressed, unmoved and, for all appearances, utterly confused.

We’ve assumed minimal maturity and a modicum of common sense in our message and, for all the intellectual impact we had, we might as well have been giving a dissertation on quantum mechanics…..at least then, they could have, maybe, related to Star Trek.

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