Monday, April 26, 2004

Kerry's Medal Mendacity

He threw them away, threw them over the White House fence in dramatic protest. No, he didn't throw them away and it's a "right wing fiction" to suggest such a thing. Well actually he did throw them over the fence but they were someone else's medals, not his. Well, actually they weren't someone else's after all they were his, but they weren't medals, they were ribbons, because he was proud of his service. He says that he is proud of his service, even though, in 1971, he described his service as being fraught with war crimes and atrocities and did so as part of his congressional testimony.

So what is it, is Kerry a war hero or war criminal? He's claimed to be both. Is he an honorable veteran, proud of his service or a man ashamed of his country, haunted by his own atrocities and those of his compatriots? Again, he has claimed to be both.

The man's simply not fit to be president.

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