Saturday, April 24, 2004

Whither Racism?

If a white student writes "I think blacks should be more careful in deciding whom they choose to support. They need to grow beyond the automatic reaction of defending someone because he or she shares the same skin color and is in a dilemma", could he be accused of racism? Well, it would appear to be so. In fact, he lost his job at the student newspaper at Oregon State University over his remarks.

What is particularly interesting is that Leonard Pitts, a black man, wrote "Blacks ought to be more thoughtful about whom they choose to rally around, ought to be less automatic in leaping to the defense" within the same week. Not only do I think that neither remark is racist, I think that both are extremely incisive. In fact, they are identical statements.

There has been a growing trend to label as "racist" any criticism of any black person by any white person, while the reverse passes virtually unnoticed.

Honestly, the way we throw around words like "Nazi" and "Racist" these days, I wonder of we could recognize a real Nazi or Racist if it came up and bit us on the backside! Furthermore, what would we call them?

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