Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Omnipotent Jews

Via Jonah Goldberg at the Corner comes this interesting theory from an Egyptian Government Newspaper (from MEMRI) which clearly explains that all of the trouble in the world can be laid at the feet of the Jews:

"If you want to know the real perpetrator of every disaster or every act of terrorism, look for the Zionist Jews. They are behind all the violent and terror operations that have occurred everywhere in the world. [They do this] first of all in order to slap [the label of the attacks] on the Arabs and Muslims, and second to harm them, distort their image, and represent them to the world as terrorists who endanger innocents. What is even more dangerous is that after every terror operation they perpetrate, they leave a sign, clue, or traces meant to show that the perpetrators are Arab Muslims."

Read the whole thing, it's a pretty good indicator of the pathological denial that is deeply embedded in the Islamic psyche. It is also instructive to note that this is an Egyptian Government Newspaper, and not a communique from a shadowy "extremist" group.