Friday, April 23, 2004

Former NFL Player Killed in Afghanistan

You know, every once in a while you read something that makes you so sad yet so proud to be an American. I guess that this duel emotional response is what one feels when confronted by a true American Hero. May God rest his soul and may He continue to bless us with young men such as Pat Tillman.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Football player Pat Tillman, who turned down a mulitmillion-dollar contract with the Arizona Cardinals to join the Army, was killed in Afghanistan, officials said Friday.

Tillman, who served with the Army Rangers, was 27.

Although the military had not officially confirmed his death, the White House put out a statement of sympathy that praised Tillman as "an inspiration both on an off the football field."

Former Cardinals head coach Dave McGinnis said he felt both overwhelming sorrow and tremendous pride in Tillman, who "represented all that was good in sports."

"Pat knew his purpose in life," McGinnis said. "He proudly walked away from a career in football to a greater calling."

Several of Tillman's friends have said the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks influenced his decision to enlist.

This young man understood more about America and its purpose in the world than those bloviating pontificators that want us to consult the UN or defer to the wisdom of the likes of France and Germany.

Here is an excellent and moving column by Peggy Noonan regarding Pat Tillman when he enlisted.

Rest in peace, Pat Tillman. Rest in peace.