Friday, April 23, 2004

My Point of View

I thought that it would be beneficial to take a moment to write about my point of view and the underlying purpose and theme of this undertaking.

My name is Dale Weeks and this blog is a collection of opinions and insights on the world in which we live. I freely give you my name, as I am unashamed of my opinions. If you disagree with what you see or read, feel free to write . Opinions and views are subject to change and mine have changed greatly over the years; I have made the journey from liberal to conservative. Be forewarned though, I don’t see my ever going back.

I am a Baby-Boomer and, as such I have seen massive changes in the world. Sure, every generation looks back and sees enormous changes, but the changes that I, and we have seen are seminal to my views, which is the whole point of this blog. As such, I think them worthy of a short explanation..................

Please Note: This is rather lengthy for a blog post, so I have permanently linked this post this to the right, under "My Essays", “Point of View”.

Thank You.

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