Friday, April 23, 2004

Shiite Cleric Threatens Suicide Attacks

I know, same old story. I post it only because it further underscores the point that I have been trying to make with regard to Islam. This is a "faith" that has degenerated into a death-worshipping cult and, after having consumed the Middle East, it now threatens western civilization.

If all Western military forces were to immediately withdraw from the Middle East, followed by all Western corporations, do you think that the violence would stop? Do you think that we would be safe from terrorism here in our country? If you think that, I must respectfully say that you should really pay more attention.

They do not want to be left alone. They do not want your understanding. They want your surrender and your supplication to Islam

No, this isn't about advocating hatred; it's a call to recognize what should now be obvious to everyone.