Thursday, April 29, 2004

No Room for Beliefs in Religion?

At least it would appear so for Nancy Pelosi, D-CA. She has joined John Kerry and stated in no uncertain terms that she will continue to receive communion in apparent disregard of Church doctrine and Vatican Teaching:

A top Vatican cardinal said last week that priests must deny Communion to Catholic politicians who support abortion rights. The cardinal stopped short of saying whether it was right for Kerry to receive Communion, and the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee quickly affirmed his support for abortion rights and took Communion the next day.

"I'm certainly concerned when the church comes together and says it's going to sanction people in public office for speaking their conscience and what they believe," she said.

So, the Church should not sanction people for speaking their conscience and what they believe? So what is point of one's religion if it does not serve as the basis of one's beliefs? Her arrogance is stunning!