Wednesday, April 21, 2004

John "F" Kerry

I grow so weary of this man in specific and the Left in general. Just like middle easterners haven't had a wardrobe update in more than two millennia, it seems that leftists haven't had an idea update in more than three decades. It's high time that BOTH of these bozo consortia wake up and smell the progress.

The whole ad campaign that surrounds Kerry and the Dems is tedious; the "JFK" allusion, Vietnam, protests against "the war." There is a real difference between taking a stroll down memory lane and buying a house there and there seems to be a number of people on whom that difference is lost.

By and large, the 60s was not much more than a phony ad campaign. Remember all of those hip musicians who eschewed "capitalism?" They made millions and retired. Levi's made billions for their investors by outfitting a nation of "non-conformists" in the uniform of the day. Sure, the music was great, but the politics of the time did tremendous damage. Remember the "evil" FBI and CIA whom everyone (including John Kerry) wanted to castrate years ago? Now we are wondering why those same agencies were "singing soprano" prior to 9/11. Phonies can be dangerous.

John Kerry, a man who cannot seem to extricate himself from the 60s, has revealed himself to be just as phony as his times.

More than 30 years ago Kerry entered politics on the wave of anti-war sentiment by testifying before Congress as to widespread war crimes committed by US soldiers and famously throwing medals over the White House fence. Both actions showed his utter disdain for the military, his comrades and his own service. These were fashionable positions and actions in the 70s and they served him well.

Now 30 years hence he wraps himself in his valiant service and speaks ad nauseum about his daring do in Vietnam. In three decades, he's transformed himself from Abbey Hoffman to a combination of Audie Murphy and Sergeant York, though still attempting to brandish is anti-war bona fides.

I will trust a man who has the courage of his convictions, even if they are wrong, more than a man who wears the convictions that are fashionable for the time as though they were clothes.

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