Monday, April 26, 2004

Militants in Europe Openly Call for Jihad and the Rule of Islam

This New York Times article (via LGF) discusses an ongoing theme of this blog; the fact that Islam does not want your understanding, it wants your supplication. From the NYT piece:

"All Muslims of the West will be obliged," he said, to "become his sword" in a new battle. Europeans take heed, he added, saying, "It is foolish to fight people who want death-that is what they are looking for."

On working-class streets of old industrial towns like Crawley, Luton, Birmingham and Manchester, and in the Arab enclaves of Germany, France, Switzerland and other parts of Europe, intelligence officials say a fervor for militancy is intensifying and becoming more open

This is truly, to paraphrase Churchill, a gathering storm that threatens our civilization with extinction.

And yes, I will refuse to differentiate between "radical Muslims" and Islam in general until that time that comes when "moderates" (if there is such a thing) stand up and vociferously make that differentiation themselves. It is not my, or our place to do it for them. As I have said before, if Islam is the "religion of peace" it claims to be then they should prove it. If it is not, then let it perish by the same sword that it so liberally wields against others.