Monday, April 26, 2004

Rudy Giuliani for UN Ambassador?

It sounds to me like an idea whose time has come:

OK, so America's mayor is a little short on diplomatic skills.

Big deal. So were Jeane Kirkpatrick and the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, U.N. ambassadors who honored themselves and their country by bluntly refusing to pretend that the international organization is anything other than what it truly is: a moral sinkhole.

And Giuliani, once upon a time, was a damned fine prosecutor - just the ticket for an organization mired in a scandal of gargantuan proportion: Saddam Hussein's oil-for-food rip-off.

Certainly, Secretary General Kofi Annan wants the covers kept on the scam. No surprise there.

After all, Annan's son worked for a company deeply implicated in the enterprise, which saw the diversion of billions of dollars meant for sick and hungry Iraqi women and children into the pockets of favored U.N. companies and individuals - and, especially, Saddam himself.

The guy's a stud. Not only did he put away John Gotti, he cleaned up New York and then presided over New York's darkest hour with courage, hope and leadership. He is the very epitome of post 9/11 America and would be a constant champion of our purpose in that international cesspool. He's a man that says what he feels and has little patience for bureaucracy. He's a man who deeply loves his country.

I like the concept! I like it a lot!