Monday, May 17, 2004

"Religion of Peace," Africa Style

Via LGF comes this tragic story of Arab Muslims murdering black African Muslims. (Curiously, the word "Muslim" does not even appear in the story.) An excerpt concerning the experience of a 12 year-old boy:

"They killed my whole family," Adam remembers, shaking as he speaks. "Lots of girls were captured. I lost control and started screaming and crying. And then the Janjaweed snatched me and took me away on horseback. They made me their slave."

Since February, millions of innocent civilians have been caught up in civil war as the Janjaweed work to rid the Darfur region of its 80 black tribes, in the name of suppressing the rebels.

Tens of thousands of people have been killed, villages have been emptied, and traumatised refugees speak of mass murder and rape, of wells being poisoned with the bodies of dead children.

An estimated one million people - one in seven of the Darfur population - have been driven from their homes by the Janjaweed, the one-time nomadic Arab shepherds who have been forcing their way south as the Sahara consumes their traditional grazing lands.
This is a follow-up to an earlier story from April 24 which gives some background on this horrible situation and describes the Arab Muslims' attempt to "white out" (their term) the black majority. An account from the earlier story from another 12 year-old boy:

Even after the bombing there was no escape. The village had been surrounded by armed Arabs on horses and camels - members of the Janjaweed militia, who, with the backing of the Khartoum government, are apparently intent on "whiting out" Darfur's black majority, despite both sides being Muslim.

The mounted Arabs, in military fatigues, charged into the village, wheeling precisely between the huts and firing indiscriminately. The Janjaweed were followed by government infantry who gathered Har 'Janga's young men into a group and executed them, each with a single shot in the back of the head.

Ismael's family were singled out and taken to a well. The Janjaweed accused them of supporting the Sudan Liberation Army, the rebel movement that began an uprising against the government a year ago.

"They took a knife and cut my mother's throat and they threw her into the well," said Ismael. "Then they took my oldest sister and began to rape her one by one. My father was kneeling, crying and begging them for mercy." Ismael escaped by hiding under a dead mule, from where he saw the Janjaweed rape his three other sisters, among them Khadija, her face now unrecognisable, before slitting their throats.

"After that they killed my brother and my father," he said. "They threw all the bodies in the well."

Do read both stories.

While we beat our breasts in guilt over the incidents at Abu Ghraib, real atrocities and real crimes against humanity are being committed on a massive scale, this time Muslims killing Muslims and, as always, in the name of Allah.

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