Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Hearings Hearings Everywhere.......
But Little Being Said Worth Listening To

It would appear that the reaction from Congress to virtually anything is to "hold a hearing." You know "hearings," those annoying displays whereby arrogant legislators arrange an iquisition so that they can strut their pomposity in the hope that a soundbite or two may make it onto the news. These exercises have become little more than a device to remind whomever is the subject of the inquisition just how important and powerful the inquisitor is. Look at the 9/11 "hearing," has any thing even remotely constructive come from it?

Now, the Grand Poobahs of the Inquisition want to organize yet another "hearing," this time on the matter of the prisoner abuse in Iraq, and they want Don Rumsfeld to testify. Now I have been quite vehement that those responsible for these outrages should pay the appropriate price. I hardly see what purpose a "congressional hearing" will serve at this point, other than a forum for the Congressional peacocks to strut their inflated egos.

Why not give the military the chance to clean up their mess? They are investigating and they are prosecuting, what more do the roosters want? Considering the President's view on the matter and the obvious embarrassment the incident has caused, I can hardly believe that the matter is in danger of being whitewashed.

As an aside, Sen. Kerry has yet to make a comment on this story. Given his self-described experience in the matter of atrocities, I continue to find his silence odd.

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