Friday, May 21, 2004

21st Century Jew Hatred
Everything Old is New Again

I have written about the left's increasingly anti-Israel position. We have seen the EU consistantly take anti-Israel positions time after time. In fact, in Europe, there have been increased levels of anti-Israel sentiment to the point that a recent poll found that:

".....59 percent of Europeans rate Israel as the most threatening country, ahead of the United States, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and North Korea."

One need only look at the list of countries on the list to see a real problem in European thinking. They are also anti-American, but we knew that already.

Yes friends, there is open Jew hatred afoot in the world once more. No, don't tell me that support of the "Palestinian cause" does not equal Jew hatred, because it clearly does. The very existence of Israel is inconsistent with the goal of the Palestinians. They want Israel wiped from the face of the earth.

Something struck me yesterday while I was listening to the radio. In a discussion of Middle East affairs, a caller used the word "Zionist." It occurred to me that every time I hear someone use the word "Zionist," the word is used in an obviously pejorative fashion. In our PC world, Jew haters can't sneeringly blame "the Jews" for the world's problems, so they cleverly substitute the code word, Zionists.

The bad old days of open Jew hatred are back again. Once again, the world lines up against Israel with the United States being her only defender. These are scary times, but I'm glad to be on the right side.

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