Sunday, May 02, 2004

Contradicting Bill
President Bush says Clinton placed little emphasis on terrorism

Well, it's about time! I am so tired of this assumption that the reason for 9/11 was that President Bush was "asleep at the wheel," after President Clinton had tried to impress upon him the magnatude of the threat. On its face it is such a preposterous point of view that it does not even warrant much comment. To wit:

Clinton earlier told the panel that he had ranked bin Laden as the No. 1 problem the new Administration would face; he made the same point in a speech in New York City last October.

Now, I'm someone who keeps up with current events and I have also been aware of the dangers of Islam for some time, but Osama bin Laden? If I had ever heard his name, it was in passing. I am sure he must have been known to geopolitical gurus such as Condoleeza Rice, but I find it hard to believe that he was Clinton's "No. 1 problem."

I'm glad to see the Bush administration finally addressing this revisionist "history."