Friday, May 07, 2004

Oregon Man Arrested in Spain Bombings Probe

Brandon Mayfield who is lawyer and a former Army officer was born in Oregon and is married with three children. His fingerprints were found on materials related to the Madrid bombings. Mayfield is not an Arab, but it appears that he is a Muslim terrorist. He converted to Islam in 1989. He had done some legal work for a man, convicted of conspiracy to aid Al Qaeda and the Taliban, in a custody case.

Now, I have written about Islam and its history of violence, with the purpose of exposing it for being nothing more than a theological poseur. Muslim apologists will cite poverty and despair as a cause, though many of these terrorists are affluent and educated. Many will cite cultural differences, but there have been several arrests of U.S. citizens, such as Mayfield, whose journeys to terrorism began with their conversion to Islam. The common thread that ties these people together is their devotion to Allah.

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