Wednesday, May 05, 2004

OK, I Stand Corrected

I do not want to bash John Kerry unjustly - there are far too many too many ways to bash him justly. I have mentioned several times in this space that Sen. Kerry has had no comment on the Iraqi prisoner abuse story. Well, in fact, he has. Via Instapundit comes this New York Times piece from May 1, which quotes the Senator as saying this on the unfortunate matter:

Senator John Kerry, Mr. Bush's Democratic challenger, issued a statement Friday saying: "I am disturbed and troubled by the evidence of shameful mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners. We must learn the facts and take the appropriate action.

"As Americans, we must stand tall for the rule of law and freedom everywhere," Mr. Kerry added. "But we cannot let the actions of a few overshadow the tremendous good work that thousands of soldiers are doing every day in Iraq and all over the world."

Fair enough Senator Kerry, well said. Well said indeed.