Friday, May 07, 2004

More Stupid ChiCom Tricks

In a move that will prove futile and, will eventually spell doom for the ChiCom regime, the Beijing Bozos have closed down more than 8,600 Internet cafes in the last three months. They seem blissfully unaware that giving people a taste of something and then taking it away simply enrages them.

They cited the spread of "unhealthy information" through the internet and fears that children could be exposed to pornography or become hooked on online video games. Well, their concern for "the children" is touching, but somehow, I think that the "unhealthy information" which they fear has little to do with pornography or video games. The story cites an incident that underscores Beijing's overwhelming concern that China's young be protected:

In one case last month, an Internet cafe in the western city of Chongqing was fined after two teenagers spent more than 48 hours playing an online video game, then fell asleep on a railroad track and were killed by a train.

Hmmmm. The ChiComs wouldn't lie about something like this, would they?