Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Choking on Gnats

Instead of continuing to wallow in self loathing brought about by the pictures from Abu Ghraib prison, why doesn't the media take a little time to focus on the many positive things happening in Iraq. How about this program, founded by actor, Gary Sinise and author, Laura Hillenbrand. It's a privately effort to assist American soldiers to rehabilitate and supply Iraqi schools. The program was created because American soldiers saw the deplorable state of the schools and began to take it upon themselves to rebuild them and solicit help from home to resupply them.

This is not the only such soldier-inspired public service project on behalf of the Iraqi people. There was also "Chief Wiggles" another American military member who organized massive relief efforts because he saw a need and attempted to fill it. Even a small amount of research will uncover numerous stories of altruism about these admirable men and women some seem so eager to revile.

This Abu Ghraib prison story has stained the reputations of so many good and decent men and women in our military. The Media, critics of President Bush and opponents of the war are seizing upon this story to achieve their goals and they don't seem to care about the innocent and honorable people who are being destroyed in the process.

To quote Shakespeare: "The evil men do live long after them, while the good is oft interred with their bones." Let's not inter the good these people are doing in our name but rather let us assure that their good, rather than their evil, will live long after them.

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