Sunday, May 23, 2004

Dissin Da Mus
Muslims and Peace are Diametrically Opposed

Dr. Joel Katzman gives his unvarnished opinion on the prospects of peace between Israel and the Islamofacists. I think that, in doing so, he underscores the utter futility of those who chant "peace" in the face of the barbarity whose name is Islam, not only in Israel but here in the United States as well:

I would like to preface what I am going to say with the fact that I was once very committed to Leftist/Liberal notions of peacemaking, but realities since 9/11 struck me very hard. I was forced to shed the beautiful notions of peace and humanitarianism as the means to achieve peace, in the face of an evil that knows no bounds of civility.

I am truly confused and awed by the 100,000 or so Peace Now demonstrators and their entourage of fiction weavers who gathered in Tel Aviv Saturday. They were out to advance the total absurdity that peace (for land) can be accomplished with the majority of the Palestinians and the rest of the Islamofacists of the world.

Is sanity missing? Is the ability to go outside of one's thoughts and fantasies so difficult that reality cannot be grasped? Are these peaceniks so brainwashed by fanciful theories of peace that they have abandoned all reason?

How can peace be made with the likes of Hamas, Hizbullah, Al-Qaeda, the majority of Palestinians and other Islamofacists of the Middle East without significant and powerful Israeli military victories? Only such victories teach the simple lesson that peace and civility, first and foremost, will be the only paths to negotiations of any kind -- much like the lesson of the Second World War to the Axis powers.

Are these peaceniks and their leaders as out of touch with reality as were many European Jews, especially German Jews, who hoped that, being more German, more respectful and appeasing towards their soon-to-be executioners would save them from the slaughter that awaited them?

Perhaps a quick recap of recent history will help to clarify just how out of touch with reality the Left in Israel, the European Union, and the United States really are with respect to the prospects of peaceful, loving means of achieving peace with the Islamofacists of the world (not in chronological order):

A pregnant mother of four is brutally slaughtered by Palestinian satanic cult worshippers.

A Hamas leader keeps the head of an Israeli soldier on his desk.

The majority of Palestinians revel in the blood of Israeli Jews and the slaughter of others by the savage armies of Islam, in praise of Allah.

An American is slaughtered -- beheaded like a sheep by Satan's slaves -- while these savages issued guttural praises to Allah akin to that of wild animals consuming their prey (is this Allah really the embodiment of a satanic deity?).

And what about the land for peace exchange with Egypt that resulted in an absurdity called "peace" (Egypt still remains one of the largest suppliers and supporters of Islamofacist terror against Israel and who knows who else)?

Do read the whole thing. One of the points that he makes several times in his piece is the possibilty that Islam is, in fact, a satanic cult and that Allah is "the embodiment of a satanic deity." This is a point about which I have written and is also one that makes more sense the more one observes the actions and hears words of Muslims. They do not want peace; they want surrender.

Please Note: Translation to the title of this post: "Dissing (Disrespecting) the Muslims." -ed

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