Saturday, May 22, 2004

Has The Idea of "Threat" Lost its Meaning?

The real argument in the United States in particular and in the world in general is between those who see a "real and present danger" and those who do not. One group sees a faction of fanatics who have declared war on our civilization, supported by possibly millions either directly or morally, and sees a mortal threat. The other group sees the same faction of fanatics, fails to see a threat and cautions against over-reaction. One group sees 9/11 as the first shot in the war to destroy our culture, the other group sees it as a lucky shot and warns against further provocation of the perpetrators.

In National Review Online, Clinton Taylor writes a thought provoking commentary about a mountain lion loose in Palo Alto California. The handling of the situation and the reaction to the handling is a perfect allegory as to our culture's congenital handicap in dealing with, or even understanding the meaning of a lethal menace. Do read it.

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