Sunday, May 23, 2004

The "Pacifism" of Islam:
Could Their Denial Be Any More Pathological?

I was perusing Islam Online which is a wonderful window into that bizarre place we know as the Muslim mind. In this particular piece, the writer makes the case for "The Pacifism of Islam."

The writer attempts to give a history lesson on Islam, and succeeds in painting a rosey picture of a tolerant, peaceful and altruistic religion that is simply at odds with historical fact. In that I have already stipulated that many faiths have a bloody past, I'll not take issue with his naked attempt to whitewash Islam's bloody history, however self-delusional it may be.

What I will take issue with is the utter absence of explanation as to how he squares "The Pacifism of Islam" myth that he so liberally extols, with the bloodthirsty savagery of today's Islam which is obvious to all. Once again, a Muslim had a perfect opportunity to stand against the barbarians and once again he chose to aid and abet them with his silence.

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