Wednesday, November 03, 2004


At this hour, in a stunningly selfish display of disregard for his country and his party, John Kerry refuses to admit defeat in Ohio. His reluctance to accept his defeat graciously simply underscores the fact that the People of the United States have, indeed, exhibited wisdom in their choice in leadership by re-electing President Bush. Sen. Kerry has made much of his intention to "win back the respect of the world", but, in choosing this course of action, he invites doubt as to the credibility of our democratic system of government.

His decision to ignore the nearly 4 million vote majority President Bush received nationwide and the mathematically insurmountable 130,000 vote majority that the president has in Ohio in order to delay the inevitable says much about the character of the man. That we rejected him as leader of the free world says much about the character of the American people.

UPDATE: OK, upon reflection, you have chosen not to attempt to wrest the presidency by legal wrangling. You have made the right decision and for that you are to be commended. You have shown, contrary to what I wrote above, that you not only have shame, but also a profound sense of honor. In accepting your defeat graciously you have performed an invaluable service to your country, and your country thanks you.

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