Friday, November 19, 2004


In an amazing display of overt racism, elements of the left continue their assault on Condoleeza Rice, using her race as the fulcrum of their argument. Were this an isolated incident, one could attribute it to a "shock jock" trying to make a name for himself, but it's an alarming trend (click here for a list of political cartoons ,employing every racial stereotype known, to discredit Dr. Rice.)
MILWAUKEE - A radio talk show host drew criticism Thursday after calling Condoleezza Rice an "Aunt Jemima" and saying she isn't competent to be secretary of state.

John Sylvester the program director and morning personality on WTDY-AM in Madison, said in a phone interview Thursday that he used the term on Wednesday's show to describe Rice and other blacks as having only a subservient role in the Bush administration.
We are in the midst of a war, and the roles of National Security Advisor and Secretary of State are seen by this guy to be "subserviant" roles in the administration?

Mr. Sylvester's towering ignorance is self-evident, so I'll not waste pixels in it's refutation. I will say that Dr. Rice is a remarkable woman who is an inspiration to people of all races and she deserves much more than this. These attempts to destroy her reputation as a means of criticizing the president are beneath contempt.

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