Wednesday, November 17, 2004

New Sheriff in Town

I couldn't be more pleased with President Bush's selection of Condoleeza Rice to take the reigns at the State Department. She's tough, she's smart and more importantly, she shares and fully supports the president's foreign policy vision and philosophy.

Colin Powell is a man worthy of great respect and he has served his country and his president with distiction during a most difficult time. Unfortunately, disagreements (either real or manufactured by the media) tended to diminish the presentation of a united front.

I would hope that Dr. Rice's first order of business would be to clear out the entrenched career diplomats whose mission has seemingly been to maintain the status quo. "Keeping a lid on it" has been the primary mission of the State Department for decades and in many ways and it has operated as an autonomous entity rather than a tool to be used by the president to implement foreign policy. I think that the president has clearly demonstrated his belief that America should take a proactive role in world affairs, and in naming Rice to this post he is serving notice to his opponents, both foreign and domestic, to expect more rather than less. Bravo!

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