Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A Test of Patriotism

Since the election, there has been talk among "Blue Staters" about the possibility of secession. It would appear that those who hold this view simply cannot bear to exist in the same country with those ignorant "Red Staters" who seem unduly encumbered by "values" and religious faith . Granted, this is foolish talk and should not be taken, in any way, as a serious threat to the Union. It does, however, uncover a serious question: Doesn't the very idea of secession call into question the patriotism of those who hold it?

This discussion brings to mind the biblical story which illustrates the wisdom of King Solomon of Israel:

Solomon's wisdom is proverbial. The following famous story illustrates his wisdom as a judge. Two women came to his court, each claiming that she was the mother of the same baby. Solomon threatened to split the baby in half. One woman was prepared to accept the decision, but the other begged the King to give the live baby to the other woman. Solomon then knew the second woman was the mother.

Granted, the use of a biblical story as a metaphor may well reaffirm the "Blue Staters" exasperation with religiosity, but I think that this timeless story of love is useful in determining whether this secession talk is rooted in "love of country" or unvarnished narcissism. Liberals bristle at any suggestion that their patriotism is anything less than absolute, but true patriotism sometimes requires one to put one's country above one's personal feelings. This is why men and women have fought and died for this country over more than two centuries.

Simply put, would they destroy the country in order to further their cause? If the answer is "yes", then their partriotism should rightfully be questioned.

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