Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Here Is The Soul of The Left, and It's Not Pretty.

In his column; "A Lingering Sense of Loss", Gersh Kuntzman walks us through the stages of his acceptance of the 2004 election. It's naked condescention is indicative of a New York liberal's view of "Red State" America and clearly illustrates that the Left is becoming incapable of any type of rational discussion.

And I wasn't alone here in New York City, where nearly 80 percent of the voters supported Kerry. Mostly, we were disgusted to discover that our fellow Americans were not our fellow Americans at all, but a bunch of strangers who cite "moral values" as the biggest issue. That made me angry.

My first reaction to it was: "F*$@ you and your f%!#&^% moral values!"

My second reaction was: Since when are liberal values immoral? If you take the central issues that liberals fight for-a clean environment, fair wages for working people, expanded civil rights, the rights of homosexual adults to copulate freely-these are ultimately American values. Yes, we liberals sometimes think we know better than you do-but, unlike the president, we don't make it the central pillar of our campaign.

Ah yes, the right of homosexual adults to "copulate freely" is number four on his list of liberal "values", in fact it is ultimately an American value! The land of free homosexual copulation and the home of the brave! I must have missed the "anti homosexual copulation" plank in the Republican platform.

And what is his opinion of the "Red Staters" that re-elected President Bush?

Canvassing in a lower-middle-class white neighborhood outside of Cincinnati with its broken pickup trucks and outdoor furnishings that looked like they came from Home Repo, not Home Depot, I thought I was in hostile territory. And sometimes I did feel like an anthropologist cataloguing other species. In a trailer park outside of Reading, I met the species known as Militarus Angerarius, who started screaming at me sometime between the first and second syllable of the Democrat's surname. In another town, I met Moralius Valuarium, who told me she supported everything Kerry supported, yet worried that he didn't share her faith in God. I also met Knowatus Nothingum, who said she was pleased that the Iraqis looted that explosives bunker because it proved that Bush hadn't lied about weapons of mass destruction. And I met Bizarrus Rationalizationus, a cab driver who told me he supported Bush because, "it's his mess, so he should be forced to clean it up."

Well, there you have it. In Mr. Kuntzman's eyes, we're not just political opponents with a different point of view, we're practically a different species which, when encountered, makes Mr. Kuntzman feel as though he were an anthropologist. You can almost see the sneer on his face as he vomits forth his bile.

Well, perhaps we are a different species, Mr. Kuntzman. Perhaps we have evolved, intellectually, beyond the same tired platitudes that have emanated from the Left for decades. Perhaps it is we who have moved on and it is you who are hopelessly mired in the tarpits of the past. It's not that we don't understand, you pompous ass, it's that we understand far to well.

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