Thursday, November 18, 2004


I watched a bit of the television coverage of the Clinton Presidential Library today and I was struck, as I often am at such events when past and present presidents convene, at the warmth that exists between these men. I particularly noted an exchange between Bill Clinton, George H.W Bush, and President George W. Bush, that was marked by jovial and light hearted laughter and playful shoving, as men do. Of course, there was no audio of the conversation they were having, but it was clear that their feelings were genuine and that they shared someting that no one else at that gathering could possibly understand. They are members of the most exclusive club in the world. The former presidents had relinqushed their power, peacefully, and passed the baton on to their successor, as will the current president.

As they stood there, there were no Republicans and there were no Democrats. At that moment, the political battles were done and all that remained were men who had done what only 43 men had ever done, and only they fully understood what it really means to be President of the United States.

It made me very proud of our country that it inspires such honor among men. It also suggested that this is an example we should all follow.

Yes, the partisan battles will continue to rage on, and I am more partisan than most. But let us take a moment to appreciate the wonder and beauty that is the peaceful transfer of power for more than 225 years. Let us continue to fight our partisan battles with vigor, but let us never lose sight of the true purpose of our fight; the preservation and continuation of of the ideals on which our country was built. If we do these things, God will continue to bless the United States of America.

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