Thursday, November 18, 2004


From Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner comes this interesting piece of scapegoating:
From Roll Call:

You gotta blame somebody when your party loses the White House, the Senate and the House. So why not blame the Catholics?

That's sort of what House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) did in a letter sent this week to major donors to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee....In the second paragraph of the letter, Pelosi said the election outcome showed a distinct pattern-that "the Democratic message was eclipsed by so-called values pronouncements."

"As a devout Catholic, I observe with great regret the intervention of some Catholic bishops who joined evangelical leaders in the political arena," Pelosi said. She said the bishops' actions helped to blur the separation of church and state, "and that is wrong."

Oh, would that be anything like John Kerry's repeated campaign speeches on Sunday mornings in black churches, complete with the congregation cooling themselves with fans emblazoned with "Kerry-Edwards" logos, hmmmm? Would it be anything like that?

It would appear that Ms. Pelosi's fallacious "Church and State" blurring is only a problem when it increases Republican votes.

While I think that Kerry attending black churches during the campaign smacked of shameless pandering it had nothing to do with blurring "the separation of church and state", and neither does any public political positions taken by Catholic bishops. The Pope himself has been highly critical of the president's actions in Iraq, as have many Catholic bishops. The fact is, just because one dons a collar, one is not rendered devoid of political opinions or stripped of one's First Amendment rights. Ms. Pelosi needs to get over it and stop whining.

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