Thursday, January 13, 2011

Must Everything Be an Ad Campaign?

There is, or should be, a simple elegance to a memorial service. As I previously stated, there was an air of rowdiness last night in Tucson that I personally found unsettling, but I'll not pass judgement. This was about them in Tucson, not spectators some 2,000 miles away.

This morning, I discover that the "Together We Thrive" meme, in addition to having its own logo, also had its own T-shirts that were distributed at the service. Why must even a solemn remembrance of the dead take on the appearance of a cheap ad campaign?

I don't know from where this exhibition of "branding" came, but I find it a bit tawdry. I would sincerely hope that this was not put together by the administration as a way of (not so) subtly politicizing the event. That would be meretricious in the extreme and unworthy of an American President.

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