Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chantix Day Sixteen

Day sixteen marked my first 24 hours smoke free. As I've said before, mornings are my most vulnerable time but, as I recounted yesterday, I made it through surprisingly well. To be honest, the balance of the day went surprisingly well. It was peppered with urges throughout the day, but they were highly manageable. Even with the errands I had to complete yesterday, I was still able to write several posts on my website - keeping one's self busy is quite helpful, and productive.

I awakened today to day seventeen; a bit of a restless sleep, having awakened two or three times. I am enjoying my morning coffee - yes, a trigger, but we must confront our dragons before we can defeat them, no?. I'll not have errands to complete this day, so I'll be about the house all day, but I've plenty to do. Any urges yet this morning? Yes, but they're mild and fleeting. Even with the Chantix, one must endure some of the withdrawal symptoms. Having done this before, I can tell you that it's infinitely easier with Chantix. I'll check in tomorrow.

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