Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh, and about Warren Buffet and his Secretary

I wonder if Buffet pays Ms. Bosanek a "Demagogue Bonus"? With effective unemployment in this country northward of 10% and people losing their homes, trotting out a billionaire and his $200K+ secretary with two homes as examples of anything, much less the nebulous concept of "fair share" is insulting. 

Look, I'm all about capitalism; make all the money the law allows. That said, casting Berkshire-Hathaway and Warren Buffet as heroic and Bain Capital and Mitt Romney as villainous strains credulity. 

Let's face facts: increasing Capital Gains Taxes and spurring investment in innovation are mutually exclusive.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul makes the most sense!

Dale Weeks said...

You can have him; he's more dangerous than Obama. Anyone who says we brought 9/11 on ourselves has earned my eternal scorn.

You should wake up and remove your head from your backside.