Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More SOTU Musings

The President, for the first two years of his administration, enjoyed both a Democrat House of Represeentatives and Senate; effectively making him the most powerful president in recent memory. Along with that, as the First Black President, he enjoyed enormous popular support. Did he do great things? Not really. He and his Democrat-laden majority in Congress spent their time and political capital forcing through a Health Care bill that has never enjoyed popular support, that never has, and never will, result in anything but higher costs and lower quality, and becomes more npopular by the day. Nearly a $Trillion was spent on "stimulus" which, from all appearances, has done nothing positive. Now, three years into the era of "Hope and Change", much of the country is jobless, hopeless and our national debt has increased 30% with no visible effect least no positive effect.

Now, as is the case with every president, we had the annual "State of the Union" address. What the Emmeys are to Hollywood and the glitterati class, the SOTU is to Washington and the political class - an embarrassing orgy of mastubatory self-congratulation. Needless to say it was short on the failures of the past and long on the magical future. Unbelievably, he's still selling "Hope and Change" like a carnival barker, even as America is looking more dystopian by the day.

Instead of a austere financial plan to get us through a rough patch, he gave us a shopping list of all of the items we'll be needing for our national trip to Futureworld.

Observation of the members present. I sensed confusion in some, incredulity in others, but in those who are the true believers, I saw faces intoxicated by wonderment. Given the circumstances, it has a creepy factor that was unsettling in the extreme.

As far as President Obama himself he masterfully portrayed his cluelessness as wisdom and his implacable partisainship as above-the-fray unification of the warring benighted.

It's going to be a long, difficult year.

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