Monday, January 23, 2012

Israel Was Once The Darling of The Left, Now They're the Enemy

I’ve been looking through old things, trying to divest myself, and came across some Life, and Saturday Evening Post magazines that I retained from the late 60s/early 70s. It struck me as to how many positive stories there were about Israel. Back then, they were the darlings of the press, as well as the Left, in general. Of course, back then, there were leaders who were principled, thoughtful and honorable “men of the Left” who drove liberal thought. Their positions were born out of ideas, not out of mindless ideology and they were Americans first and liberals second.
When winning becomes all that matters, we often become that which we hate the most. Today, the Left is practically bereft of honorable, thoughtful leaders. They’ve been replaced by ruthless ideologues to whom raw, political power is all that matters. They no longer support Israel because they no longer fit their vision of a “victim”, so they’ve sold the laughable vision of Palestinians as “victims”
Their pivot on Israel is emblematic of how hollow that the Left has become; no longer are they Americans who respectfully disagree – they joined the other side quite some time ago.

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