Monday, January 23, 2012

Is Newt What We Need?

Could this be 1980 redux, with some 1968 social unrest thrown in for good measure?  This movie seems vaguely familiar.

For me the '70s were a Leftist blur as I moved away from that madness toward political agnosticism.  I had voted for McCarthy out of sheer fashion and Nixon typified the Republicans.  I felt done with the Left when the "Peace Movement" resulted in sue 2 million murdered Cambodians, and a stint in the Navy was also an invaluable eye-opener.  Nixon proved as corrupt a president as I'd seen in my lifetime.  Throughout the 70s I had taken that youthful exuberance and applied it to work and had become quite successful, but that career was being destroyed by inflation and a generally disastrous economy, and I had a pristine '74 Corvette that I couldn't afford to drive.

By 1980, many of us were weary and disillusioned as we saw our burgeoning careers falter and any money we had eaten up by inflation .  I was considering marriage but geez, the country was a mess.  I had heard of Reagan ("Ronald Ray-Guns", we used to call him) but I had been assured that he was crazy and was intent on starting WWIII.  Then, one day, I started to listen to him and he made sense.  It was as though he was putting to word all of what I was thinking, and you know, he didn't sound at all crazy.  He sounded like my father giving me sound advice.

I broke a decades-old family tradition and not only voted Republican, I actually volunteered in the campaign.  Throughout the 80s i preached to my friends and acquaintances and now, they're all conservative Republicans....well, a lot of them.

1980 was a watershed and I'm certain my story is, by no means, unique.  Neocon Boomers, such as myself,  were instrumental in electing Reagan - even though a decade earlier we were calling him a crazy old man.

This is looking remarkably like 1980, with a little 1968-style social unrest thrown in for good measure.  Events change hearts and minds forever.  Can Newt be elected, and can he be a good president?  My logical mind has profound doubts, but there's a little voice inside that says "you've been here before, haven't you?".

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