Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aw, C'mon Blogmocracy, Get a Grip!

What a great site with an equally great problem!

Today, at the ever-tightening circle, we have the discussion: Is Fox News Heading Left? with a smattering of Drudge being a co-conspirator with the GOP establishment to sink Newt.  To Speranza's credit he/she noted that Newt was doing a pretty good job of sinking himself.

The fact is that the stories emerging about Newt are really just the beginning.  He's had a storied, yet checkered career in politics; he's a soaring rhetorician whose flaws and failings simply cannot be ignored and any news organization that would could legitimately be called a "tool".

If the stories are false, prove it.  If they're true, deal with it.  For God's sake, though, the GOP Establishment/Saudi Conspiracy thing is wearing a bit thin.  Well, at least Birtherism is, to their credit, rejected.

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