Sunday, October 31, 2004

There are some things that need to be said. Consider it a public service:

  1. If you do not feel that the war on terror is no less than a clash of civilizations and that Islamic terror threatens not only our safety, but our very way of life and, as such, is the single most important issue in this election: You're a moron.
  2. If you are undecided and are delaying your decision until you can read all of the great information on the Michael Moore website: You're a pathetic moron.
  3. If you are on Social Security, and you honestly think that George Bush is going to take away your check and throw you in the street: You're a moron.
  4. If you honestly think that there will be a reinstatement of the draft, after having been reassured otherwise, on numerous occasions, by the President, the Secretary of Defense and the joint Cheifs of Staff: You're a paranoid delusional moron.
  5. If you think that by electing John Kerry, we will win the approval of Euroweenies such as France and Germany, or if you even give a damn what they think: Je Le Moron.
  6. If you honestly feel that John Kerry will wage a more effective war on our enemies: You're a moron.
  7. If, after seeing 3,000 people murdered on 9/11, you are now making your decision as to how to vote by weighing each candidate's Healthcare proposal: You're a moron.
  8. If you think that the Iraq war is about oil, Haliburton or some sort of family grudge between the Bushes and Saddam: You're pathetic moron #2's best friend and, coincidentally, a pathetic moron .
  9. If you think that when John Kerry is elected president, the blind will see and the lame will walk: You're John Edwards, but you're still a moron.
  10. If you think Mossad gave George Bush advance warning of, or George Bush planned 9/11 along with the the Israelis in order to boost his poularity: You're a stark raving mad Jew-hating moron who, even after years of therepy, would still be an Jew-hating moron.

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