Friday, October 29, 2004

The Mercurial John Kerry Further Explains His Position on Iraq

Via Drudge comes this interesting exchange:

NBC News' Brokaw interviewed John Kerry Thursday evening.

Brokaw: "If you had been President, Saddam Hussein would be in power."

Kerry: "Not necessarily."

Brokaw: "You said you wouldn't go to war against him."

Kerry: "That's not true. Because under the inspection process, Saddam Hussein was required to destroy those kinds of materials and weapons."

Brokaw: "But he wasn't destroying them."

Kerry: "That's what you have inspectors for. That's why I voted for the threat of force, because he only does things when you have a legitimate threat of force. It's irresponsible to suggest that if I were President, he wouldn't be gone. He might be gone, because if he hadn't complied, we might have had to go to war, but if we did, we would have gone with allies, so the American people weren't carrying the entire burden. And the entire world would understand why we did it."

But, but Senator......I thought Iraq is "the wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time." Your whole bloody campaign has been based upon the fact that you opposed the war! Now, since the polls indicate that the American people might actually support the war, you shamelessly pander to them by, once again, shifting your position.

Senator Kerry, you are a real piece of work.

Earth to John Kerry: France, Germany, Russia and the rest of the Euroweenies would not support the U.S. in this war if the Almighty Himself commanded so. In fact, they, along with the UN, were profiting handsomely from the Oil-for-Food program while standing in our way at every turn. The Euroweenies were up to their eyeballs in Saddam's corruption and clearly did not support our actions out of fear that their unholy business arrangements with Saddam would come to light, as it is now. The truth is, our "allies" have been laughing, all the way to the bank, as we put our faith in the UN, sanctions and the dubious (to put it mildly) "inspections."

Your pathological fascination with Euroweenie allies and the UN would be laughable were you not aspiring to be president. Get a clue Senator, your gullibility is dangerous and the very last place you need to be is the White House.

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