Thursday, October 28, 2004

Is There Nothing That Can Be Done to Expedite The Process?

What can one say about Yasser Arafat's time on this earth other than it has been far, far too long. This is a man that one can rightfully call the father of modern terrorism. This is a man so filled with hatred of the Jews that no concession from them could ever bring peace. That this man won a Nobel Peace Prize is not only a travesty but, in my mind, permanently denigrated the value of that honor to the point of farce. That this man is now considered a "statesman" in some circles clearly shows the moral turpitude of those circles.

Jacques Chirac is sending a plane to transport the ailing murderer to Paris for medical treatment, honoring the centuries-old tradition of French prostration before monsters and tyrants. We can only hope that the state of French medicine mirrors that of French character; weak and ineffective.

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