Saturday, October 30, 2004

"........rush to war in Iraq without a plan to win the peace"

Without a plan to win the peace...without a plan to win the peace. I keep hearing that voice repeating the same phrase over and over and over again. It's........horrible. Please God, make it stop!

First of all, "win the peace" sounds like terminology that gold braid laden admirals and generals use in planning sessions in the Pentagon and it comes off as goofy when it comes out of Kerry's mouth. It's like a white guy over 40 using hip-hop slang like, er..........well, I don't really know any hip-hop slang, but it would be like a white guy over 40 using any hip-hop slang in an effort to appear cool.

Secondly, it's a stupid phrase to begin with. "Deal with the aftermath" or some use of the word "endgame" in one form or the other would be fine. I know what "win the peace" means, but it's inherently nonsensical. "Win the peace" may be way hip when sitting around secret planning sessions at Langley, but as a phrase, it makes about as much sense as "Charmingly insufferable" (Well, I guess that one would make sense, but only if you are describing Bill Clinton.)

Lastly, it's just annoying in the extreme. It's like the phrase "thinking outside the box", the first time you hear it used, it sounds sort of clever. The second time it's hackneyed and each time thereafter it is maddening.

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