Friday, October 29, 2004

JOHN KERRY, Defeatist-in-Chief

Throughout this campaign and, dare I say, throughout his career, John Kerry has reminded us of his service in nauseum. Some would say that his very presence in that southeast Asian country was a calculated move to add substance to his resume in an effort to enhance his political viability and I have seen nothing in Mr. Kerry's actions to dispute that. Immediately upon his his return, he then set about trashing the reputation of his comrades and his country to anyone who would listen, including the U.S. Congress. He did so by peddling stories of wholesale atrocities that have since been proven to be damnable lies. Today, these actions would exclude him from a career in politics. In the 1970s, however, spitting on soldiers and deriding your country was fashionable so he proceeded to build his political career upon falsified accounts of U.S. soldiers committing unspeakable crimes during a war in which the U.S. chose to cut and run. Make no mistake, Vietnam was not a military failure, it was a political one and, by all accounts it was the seminal point in John Kerry's life.

There is an unmistakable and very disturbing pattern in Sen. Kerry's thinking.

For the next 30 years, Kerry showed himself to be a staunchly anti-war and anti-military politician, regularly voting against military budgets and military actions as well as weapons systems even while preening as a military hero and flaunting his decorations at every turn. His career in the Senate suggests, no, clearly illustrates that this is a man whose "Global Test" can never be met for in his mind there is never a clear cause for military action, no matter how noble the cause may be. In his mind, every war is Vietnam and he sees every war's eventual conclusion through the veil of helicopters on the roof of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, evacuating the last vestiges of U.S. presence.

He constantly lauds "our brave men and women" in the armed forces, while denegrating vitually every mission they have undertaken and every victory they have acheived. In John Kerry's mind, every war is "the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time."

Now, in the heat of his campaign to be Commander-in-Chief, the Defeatist-in-Chief instantly seizes, not upon the many, many victories that the U.S. has achieved, but another defeat; the failed "Bay of Pigs" invasion:

Kerry recalled how President John Kennedy took the blame for the bungled Bay of Pigs operation in Cuba in 1961.

"Can you imagine President Kennedy ... standing up and telling the American People he couldn't think of a single mistake that he had made? When the Bay of Pigs went sour, John Kennedy had the courage to look America in the eye and say to America 'I take responsibility, it is my fault."'

Challenging Bush, Kerry said: "Mr. President, it is long since time for you to start taking responsibility for the mistakes that you've made."

The Captain at Captain's Quarters provides a detailed analysis, not only of Mr. Kerry's failed analogy and misrepresentation of Kennedy's "acceptance of blame", but also of his pathetic abandonment of the Cuban expatriates who trusted him. Just as in Vietnam, the "cut and run" option was chosen with disastrous results.

Sen. Kerry does not seem to see that Kennedy's failure was not the invasion itself, but his desertion of those who had faith in him when they needed him the most. Is this the ideal to which he will aspire as president? His career gives every indication that this is indeed the case.

Kerry seems so fixated upon U.S. military defeats that he is unable to even contemplate victory. Even when attempting to criticize President Bush, the contrast he chooses is not between our supposed "failure" in Iraq and one of our many successes, but rather he opts for how President Kennedy dealt with what really was an abject failure and incompetence on behalf of a previous Commander-in-Chief.

My fear is that if, God forbid, John Kerry is elected president he will not vigorously pursue victory in Iraq or the wider war on terror because he has no concept of what victory is. Given that we are in a war, forced upon us by those who will settle for no less than our very destruction John Kerry is, in President Bush's words "the wrong man, in the wrong place, at the wrong time."

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