Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The United Nations: Constantly Redefining Ludicrous Since 1946

The organization that gives equal voice to despots as well as statesmen and practitioners of genocide as well as champions of freedom and self-determination has the world economy now in its sights.

Does anyone with at least one functioning synapse trust the UN with "retooling the world economy"?   It's like giving Bernie Madoff your 401K to play with in his spare time in prison or having Michael Moore watch your lunch while you go to the rest room.

UN panel says retool world economy for sustainability 
The world can no longer afford to ignore the environmental cost of economic growth and must redefine the very concept of national wealth, a UN panel of heads of state and environment ministers said Monday. 
The panel challenged leaders to recognise that "current global development is unsustainable."
"We need to chart a new, more sustainable course for the future, one that strengthens equality and economic growth while protecting our planet," UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in Addis Ababa to mark the release of the panel's report, which outlines more than 50 policy recommendations.
By 2030, the report warned, the planet will need at least 50 percent more food, 45 percent more energy and 30 percent more water. 
These needs are emerging "at a time when environmental boundaries are throwing up new limits to supply," it said. 
Continuing along the same path as today risks "irreversible damage to both ecosystems and human communities." 
Entitled "Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing," the 100-page report seeks to shape in broad strokes the agenda for the Rio+20 summit this summer.

It sounds a lot to me like UN-Speak for "looting and kneecapping the productive First World in order to bestow that loot on the Third World".

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