Friday, February 17, 2012

"Social Media" and the Adolescentization of America

MA Congessional candidate, SEAN BIELAT's people "defriended" me on Facebook and deleted my comments. Why? Because I dared to call in to account the utter shallowness of accumulating Facebook "friends". I was deleted not for profanity, but simply for my criticism of a lame post trying to drum up 10K "Facebook Friends".

Last night, before I was deleted, I was essentially told to 'either DONATE or go away'. I took exception to its nakedly cynical tone, and even stated that he's a good candidate who's ill-served by such antics. This morning I found I had been "deleted".

No matter, I don't live in MA anyway. The point I was making was the immaturity and lack of seriousness of a post, NOT TOUTING POLICIES, but accumulating "Facebook Friends". SEAN BIELAT's Facebook staff clearly doesn't care for dissent and has achieved the emotional development of a teen-aged girl so I can only assume that my dissent was right on target.

I wish Mr. Biielat the best of luck in his campaign, and When his Facebook staff gets through that annoying puberty thing, I'm sure they'll turn out just fine.

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