Saturday, November 26, 2011

The War on "Merry Christmas" is over. Reason won.

I was in Target yesterday afternoon and, upon leaving, I noticed decorations hanging from the ceiling that declared "Merry Christmas". It occurred to me that maybe, just maybe this artificial outrage that's been manufactured over the word "Christmas" has finally been exposed for the foolishness it is.

I grew up, and still live in, a predominately Jewish neighborhorhood. Believe me, Jews are not offended in the least by Christmas and they never have been. if you're Christian, Christmas can be religious but if you're not, it can be secular. It's really pretty accommodating.

An obnoxious, yet vocal minority of "evangelical atheists", searching for something to bitch about started this whole thing. I don't blame corporate America, they just reacted to what they thought "appropriate" in modern society and overestimated who was actually "offended" by Christmas. What they found was that it was all smoke and no fire.

I think the war on "Merry Christmas" is over and we won.

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