Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Stick a Fork in Him...

My gut's telling me that Cain's toast. No, it's not fair and this latest publicity whore doesn't smell quite right, but he's still toast.

Let's face it, this has been poorly handled from the beginning, it's gone on for a week now with no real sign of an end. It's quickly turning into a circus.

Herman's a great guy with a lot of admirable qualities but he's totally fumbling the ball in his first crisis. Was he ambushed? Probably. That's something you have to learn to deal with in the big leagues - it should not have caught him flatfooted. These charges weren't created out of thin air; something happened, perhaps far more innocent than what's being reported, but something happened. Again, Cain and his people should have seen this coming and managed it.

You just can't miserably fail the very first challenge that's put before you and still be considered a viable presidential candidate. He did and he can't.

UPDATE: Herman Cain gave a press conference today and performed exceptionally. He was forceful and, as far as I could tell, forthright. This should have been done a week ago. Yes, this latest Gloria Allred represented bimbo from central casting just came forward, but the rest of this story has been in a holding pattern for a week. That's unacceptable.

I would hope this unfortunate circus has finally left town and Cain, and his staff, have learned a valuable lesson.

Maybe he's not quite done after all, and that's a positive development.

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